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Organic Tahini Raw - Naturally Dried - Wholegrain - Unhulled - 200 gr

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Organic Tahini Raw - Naturally Dried - Wholegrain - Unhulled - 200 gr

The production of raw tahini is rather difficult process.
SAMYTHOS is the only company in Greece to develop the know-how to produce organic, uncooked tahini under 30oC, cultivating organic sesame seeds of the Greek EVROS variety, a supreme variety at a global level.

We monitor the temperature throughout the production process in order to preserve the precious nutrients as temperatures above 40oC are harmful.

Another unique feature of the production process of the raw tahini is the activation of the seed before initiating the crushing process. In other words, we imitate nature with the combined effect of spring water, dark light and temperatures of 8-12oC. We awaken the seed and the results are:
1. The beginning of the sprouting process.
2. The activation of dormant seed enzymes.
3. The conversion of calcium and iron, mainly found in the hull of sesame seed.
When the hulls remain on the seeds, one tablespoon of sesame seeds will contain about 170 miligrams of calcium and 11 miligrams of iron. When the hulls are removed, this same tablespoon will contain about 90-95% less. Unfortunatelly most of the hull's calcium and iron are in chemical compounds which assimilates difficulty. Our procedure covert these elements in order to digest easily.
4. Minimalisation of the allergic reaction of the tahini.
To achieve all this, we designed our own equipment and applied experimental data from two universities in Japan and South Korea. The final product, containing all the enzymes, essential oils and the nutrients of the raw seed, must be stored in the refrigerator as its enzymes are alive. When you taste it, the tahini will leave a slight bitterness combined with an intense aftertaste of the freshness of the raw seed.

No other product, using the same sesame seed variety and incorporates all the above characteristics, exists in the Greek or European market. Its uniqueness has been recognised by leading chefs and dieticians.

It is the only tahini which retains 100% of the vitamins and trace elements from the raw sesame seed.

It is the only tahini from raw, uncooked sesame seeds on the Greek and European market, which we are in the process of patenting it.

It is the only tahini suitable for a RAW FOOD DIET.

Our customers tell us that the slightly bitter aftertaste of uncooked raw tahini combined with the intense freshness of the raw seed, creates a unique and unbeatable combination!

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