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Why to choose us

  • Top variety in the world

    The Sesame Evros variety

    is considered one of the world's leading sesame varieties both in terms of valuable nutrients and unique organoleptic characteristics

  • Traditional healthy superfoods


    in an effort to provide virtually modern humans with allies the experience of our land around sesame as well as modern scientific research and knowledge, it produces traditional and at the same time innovative healthy surplus creating innovative products that lead you to new tasting experiences while giving your body health and wellness.

  • Absence of aflatoxin & salmonella

    We are the only company in the area with no evidence of aflatoxin and salmonella in any of our packaging due to continuous laboratory testing and strictly controlled conditions for the collection, storage and processing of our sesame seeds and the storage and transportation of finished products.
  • Unique vertical business


    is the only vertically integrated company in the field of organic sesame and organic sachet, since sesame is the only raw material of the Evros variety, which we produce only on mountain, organic, privately owned farms, achieving complete control and monitoring from the production of the raw material to the final product that will reach the consumer

  • Our own design equipment

    The equipment

    is used in sesame processing, it is our own design and is unique in order to continuously control the parameters that affect both the nutritional and organoleptic status of the finished product

  • We address people who care

    We address people who care

    and not just ordinary consumers. To people who care about their health, who care about the environment that they and their children will grow up, who care about each other.

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Evros Organic Sesame Seed

  • Organic Tahini Raw - Naturally dried - Wholegrain - Unhulled
  • Organic Tahini Wholegrain - Unhulled - Cold Pressed
  • Organic Tahini Wholegrain - Unhulled - Cold Pressed with Organic Raw Honey & Spices
  • Organic Tahini Wholegrain with Black Garlic

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They said about our products

  • Ilias Mamalakis
    Chef - Taster
    Small producers who make amazing and unique products
  • Chronis Damalas
    These innovative products make us look at tahini in a different way
  • Greg Helmis
    Tahini that redefines the aromas and flavors of Greece
  • Feridun Ugumu
    I didn't think that such a traditional and widely used material of Ottoman and Arabic cuisine like tahini could give such different new and fresh tastes.
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Our numbers

3 Continents

receive our products


Points of Sale Worldwide

35 kg

production per acre

120 days

from sowing to harvesting

15 days

seed ripening

15 days

gathering and storing the seed in areas with controlled humidity and temperatures

Points of sale

Samythos products are exported to Europe, Asia and North America.


There is no poor ground, there are poor thoughts.

All that nature provides is enough. Respect will give value to the product.

With simple materials, make superfoods.

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